How do I get started?

How do I get started?

Achieve financial independence and security via a well structured, lucrative affiliate program. Upon signing up with Karatbars International, members can utilise a wide variety of marketing tools to make your promotional efforts both easy and highly effective.

Karatbars Affiliate Packages

Karatbars affiliate program is free to join, but to earn commissions you must upgrade to Bronze, Silver, Gold, and VIP Packages to earn for your referral and promotional efforts.

There are several ways to get paid as an Affiliate. There are two primary ways in which Karatbars affiliates can earn money and receive FREE GOLD. These include the Uni-level Pay Plan, that rewards you for the combined promotional efforts of all individuals in your team, and also Dual System payment plan wherein members can earn direct commissions from their referrals.

Registration is FREE and
without obligation

After the registration process is complete, please complete you KYC before purchasing any products. KYC (Know Your Customer) is purely an identity proof to prevent against fraud, and is used by many companies.

When the KYC is approved you may proceed to buy Gold and other products